Source code for duplicity.backends.dpbxbackend

# -*- Mode:Python; indent-tabs-mode:nil; tab-width:4; encoding:utf-8 -*-
# Copyright 2013 jno <>
# Copyright 2016 Dmitry Nezhevenko <>
# Version: 0.3
# 0. You can make me happy with
# 1. Most of the code was taken from The was used as a template
# 2. DPBX & dpbx are used because the use of the actual name is prohibited
# This file is part of duplicity.
# Duplicity is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
# Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
# option) any later version.
# Duplicity is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
# WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with duplicity; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
# Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA

from __future__ import print_function
from __future__ import division
from future import standard_library
from builtins import input
from builtins import str
import io
import os
import re
import sys
import time
import traceback
import urllib.request  # pylint: disable=import-error
import urllib.parse  # pylint: disable=import-error
import urllib.error  # pylint: disable=import-error

from duplicity import log, config
from duplicity import progress
from duplicity.errors import BackendException
from requests.exceptions import ConnectionError  # pylint: disable=redefined-builtin
import duplicity.backend

# This is chunk size for upload using Dpbx chumked API v2. It doesn't
# make sense to make it much large since Dpbx SDK uses connection pool
# internally. So multiple chunks will sent using same keep-alive socket
# Plus in case of network problems we most likely will be able to retry
# only failed chunk
DPBX_UPLOAD_CHUNK_SIZE = 16 * 1024 * 1024

# Download internal buffer size. Files are downloaded using one request.

DPBX_AUTORENAMED_FILE_RE = re.compile(r' \([0-9]+\)\.[^\.]+$')

[docs]def log_exception(e): log.Error(u'Exception [%s]:' % (e,)) f = io.StringIO() traceback.print_exc(file=f) for s in f.readlines(): log.Error(u'| ' + s.rstrip()) f.close()
[docs]def command(login_required=True): # pylint: disable=unused-argument u"""a decorator for handling authentication and exceptions""" def decorate(f): def wrapper(self, *args): try: return f(self, *args) except ApiError as e: log_exception(e) raise BackendException(u'dpbx api error "%s"' % (e,)) except Exception as e: log_exception(e) log.Error(u'dpbx code error "%s"' % (e,), log.ErrorCode.backend_code_error) raise wrapper.__doc__ = f.__doc__ return wrapper return decorate
[docs]class DPBXBackend(duplicity.backend.Backend): u"""Connect to remote store using Dr*pB*x service"""
[docs] def __init__(self, parsed_url): duplicity.backend.Backend.__init__(self, parsed_url) global Dropbox global AuthError, BadInputError, ApiError global UploadSessionCursor, CommitInfo global WriteMode, GetMetadataError global DeleteError, UploadSessionLookupError global ListFolderError global DropboxOAuth2FlowNoRedirect try: from dropbox import Dropbox from dropbox.exceptions import AuthError, BadInputError, ApiError from dropbox.files import (UploadSessionCursor, CommitInfo, WriteMode, GetMetadataError, DeleteError, UploadSessionLookupError, ListFolderError) from dropbox.oauth import DropboxOAuth2FlowNoRedirect except ImportError as e: raise BackendException(u"""\ This backend requires the dropbox package version 6.9.0 To install use "sudo pip install dropbox==6.9.0" Exception: %s""" % str(e)) self.api_account = None self.api_client = None self.auth_flow = None self.login()
[docs] def user_authenticated(self): try: account = self.api_client.users_get_current_account() log.Debug(u"User authenticated as ,%s" % account) return True except: log.Debug(u'User not authenticated') return False
[docs] def load_access_token(self): return os.environ.get(u'DPBX_ACCESS_TOKEN', None)
[docs] def save_access_token(self, access_token): raise BackendException(u'dpbx: Please set DPBX_ACCESS_TOKEN=\"%s\" environment variable' % access_token)
[docs] def obtain_access_token(self): log.Info(u"dpbx: trying to obtain access token") for env_var in [u'DPBX_APP_KEY', u'DPBX_APP_SECRET']: if env_var not in os.environ: raise BackendException(u'dpbx: %s environment variable not set' % env_var) app_key = os.environ[u'DPBX_APP_KEY'] app_secret = os.environ[u'DPBX_APP_SECRET'] if not sys.stdout.isatty() or not sys.stdin.isatty(): log.FatalError(u'dpbx error: cannot interact, but need human attention', log.ErrorCode.backend_command_error) auth_flow = DropboxOAuth2FlowNoRedirect(app_key, app_secret) log.Debug(u'dpbx,auth_flow.start()') authorize_url = auth_flow.start() print() print(u'-' * 72) print(u"1. Go to: " + authorize_url) print(u"2. Click \"Allow\" (you might have to log in first).") print(u"3. Copy the authorization code.") print(u'-' * 72) auth_code = input(u"Enter the authorization code here: ").strip() try: log.Debug(u'dpbx,auth_flow.finish(%s)' % auth_code) authresult = auth_flow.finish(auth_code) except Exception as e: raise BackendException(u'dpbx: Unable to obtain access token: %s' % e) log.Info(u"dpbx: Authentication successfull") self.save_access_token(authresult.access_token)
[docs] def login(self): if self.load_access_token() is None: self.obtain_access_token() self.api_client = Dropbox(self.load_access_token()) self.api_account = None try: log.Debug(u'dpbx,users_get_current_account([token])') self.api_account = self.api_client.users_get_current_account() log.Debug(u"dpbx,%s" % self.api_account) except (BadInputError, AuthError) as e: log.Debug(u'dpbx,exception: %s' % e) log.Info(u"dpbx: Authentication failed. Trying to obtain new access token") self.obtain_access_token() # We're assuming obtain_access_token will throw exception. # So this line should not be reached raise BackendException(u"dpbx: Please update DPBX_ACCESS_TOKEN and try again") log.Info(u"dpbx: Successfully authenticated as %s" %
[docs] def _error_code(self, operation, e): # pylint: disable=unused-argument if isinstance(e, ApiError): err = e.error if isinstance(err, GetMetadataError) and err.is_path(): if err.get_path().is_not_found(): return log.ErrorCode.backend_not_found elif isinstance(err, DeleteError) and err.is_path_lookup(): lookup = e.error.get_path_lookup() if lookup.is_not_found(): return log.ErrorCode.backend_not_found
[docs] @command() def _put(self, source_path, remote_filename): remote_dir = urllib.parse.unquote(self.parsed_url.path.lstrip(u'/')) remote_path = u'/' + os.path.join(remote_dir, remote_filename.decode()).rstrip() file_size = os.path.getsize( progress.report_transfer(0, file_size) if file_size < DPBX_UPLOAD_CHUNK_SIZE: # Upload whole file at once to avoid extra server request res_metadata = self.put_file_small(source_path, remote_path) else: res_metadata = self.put_file_chunked(source_path, remote_path) # A few sanity checks if res_metadata.path_display != remote_path: raise BackendException(u'dpbx: result path mismatch: %s (expected: %s)' % (res_metadata.path_display, remote_path)) if res_metadata.size != file_size: raise BackendException(u'dpbx: result size mismatch: %s (expected: %s)' % (res_metadata.size, file_size))
[docs] def put_file_small(self, source_path, remote_path): if not self.user_authenticated(): self.login() file_size = os.path.getsize( f ='rb') try: log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_upload(%s, [%d bytes])' % (remote_path, file_size)) res_metadata = self.api_client.files_upload(, remote_path, mode=WriteMode.overwrite, autorename=False, client_modified=None, mute=True) log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_upload(): %s' % res_metadata) progress.report_transfer(file_size, file_size) return res_metadata finally: f.close()
[docs] def put_file_chunked(self, source_path, remote_path): if not self.user_authenticated(): self.login() file_size = os.path.getsize( f ='rb') try: buf = log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_upload_session_start([%d bytes]), total: %d' % (len(buf), file_size)) upload_sid = self.api_client.files_upload_session_start(buf) log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_upload_session_start(): %s' % upload_sid) upload_cursor = UploadSessionCursor(upload_sid.session_id, f.tell()) commit_info = CommitInfo(remote_path, mode=WriteMode.overwrite, autorename=False, client_modified=None, mute=True) res_metadata = None progress.report_transfer(f.tell(), file_size) requested_offset = None current_chunk_size = DPBX_UPLOAD_CHUNK_SIZE retry_number = config.num_retries is_eof = False # We're doing our own error handling and retrying logic because # we can benefit from Dpbx chunked upload and retry only failed # chunk while not is_eof or not res_metadata: try: if requested_offset is not None: upload_cursor.offset = requested_offset if f.tell() != upload_cursor.offset: buf = is_eof = f.tell() >= file_size if not is_eof and len(buf) == 0: continue # reset temporary status variables requested_offset = None current_chunk_size = DPBX_UPLOAD_CHUNK_SIZE retry_number = config.num_retries if not is_eof: assert len(buf) != 0 log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_upload_sesssion_append([%d bytes], offset=%d)' % (len(buf), upload_cursor.offset)) self.api_client.files_upload_session_append(buf, upload_cursor.session_id, upload_cursor.offset) else: log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_upload_sesssion_finish([%d bytes], offset=%d)' % (len(buf), upload_cursor.offset)) res_metadata = self.api_client.files_upload_session_finish(buf, upload_cursor, commit_info) upload_cursor.offset = f.tell() log.Debug(u'progress: %d of %d' % (upload_cursor.offset, file_size)) progress.report_transfer(upload_cursor.offset, file_size) except ApiError as e: error = e.error if isinstance(error, UploadSessionLookupError) and error.is_incorrect_offset(): # Server reports that we should send another chunk. # Most likely this is caused by network error during # previous upload attempt. In such case we'll get # expected offset from server and it's enough to just # seek() and retry again new_offset = error.get_incorrect_offset().correct_offset log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_upload_session_append: incorrect offset: %d (expected: %s)' % (upload_cursor.offset, new_offset)) if requested_offset is not None: # chunk failed even after seek attempt. Something # strange and no safe way to recover raise BackendException(u"dpbx: unable to chunk upload") else: # will seek and retry requested_offset = new_offset continue raise except ConnectionError as e: log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_upload_session_append: %s' % e) retry_number -= 1 if not self.user_authenticated(): self.login() if retry_number == 0: raise # We don't know for sure, was partial upload successful or # not. So it's better to retry smaller amount to avoid extra # reupload log.Info(u'dpbx: sleeping a bit before chunk retry') time.sleep(30) current_chunk_size = DPBX_UPLOAD_CHUNK_SIZE / 5 requested_offset = None continue if f.tell() != file_size: raise BackendException(u'dpbx: something wrong') log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_upload_sesssion_finish(): %s' % res_metadata) progress.report_transfer(f.tell(), file_size) return res_metadata finally: f.close()
[docs] @command() def _get(self, remote_filename, local_path): if not self.user_authenticated(): self.login() remote_dir = urllib.parse.unquote(self.parsed_url.path.lstrip(u'/')) remote_path = u'/' + os.path.join(remote_dir, remote_filename.decode()).rstrip() log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_download(%s)' % remote_path) res_metadata, http_fd = self.api_client.files_download(remote_path) log.Debug(u'dpbx,files_download(%s): %s, %s' % (remote_path, res_metadata, http_fd)) file_size = res_metadata.size to_fd = None progress.report_transfer(0, file_size) try: to_fd ='wb') for c in http_fd.iter_content(DPBX_DOWNLOAD_BUF_SIZE): to_fd.write(c) progress.report_transfer(to_fd.tell(), file_size) finally: if to_fd: to_fd.close() http_fd.close() # It's different from _query() check because we're not querying metadata # again. Since this check is free, it's better to have it here local_size = os.path.getsize( if local_size != file_size: raise BackendException(u"dpbx: wrong file size: %d (expected: %d)" % (local_size, file_size)) local_path.setdata()
[docs] @command() def _list(self): # Do a long listing to avoid connection reset if not self.user_authenticated(): self.login() remote_dir = u'/' + urllib.parse.unquote(self.parsed_url.path.lstrip(u'/')).rstrip() log.Debug(u'dpbx.files_list_folder(%s)' % remote_dir) res = [] try: resp = self.api_client.files_list_folder(remote_dir) log.Debug(u'dpbx.list(%s): %s' % (remote_dir, resp)) while True: res.extend([ for entry in resp.entries]) if not resp.has_more: break resp = self.api_client.files_list_folder_continue(resp.cursor) except ApiError as e: if (isinstance(e.error, ListFolderError) and e.error.is_path() and e.error.get_path().is_not_found()): log.Debug(u'dpbx.list(%s): ignore missing folder (%s)' % (remote_dir, e)) else: raise # Warn users of old version dpbx about automatically renamed files self.check_renamed_files(res) return res
[docs] @command() def _delete(self, filename): if not self.user_authenticated(): self.login() remote_dir = urllib.parse.unquote(self.parsed_url.path.lstrip(u'/')) remote_path = u'/' + os.path.join(remote_dir, filename.decode()).rstrip() log.Debug(u'dpbx.files_delete(%s)' % remote_path) self.api_client.files_delete(remote_path)
# files_permanently_delete seems to be better for backup purpose # but it's only available for Business accounts # self.api_client.files_permanently_delete(remote_path)
[docs] @command() def _close(self): u"""close backend session? no! just "flush" the data""" log.Debug(u'dpbx.close():')
[docs] @command() def _query(self, filename): if not self.user_authenticated(): self.login() remote_dir = urllib.parse.unquote(self.parsed_url.path.lstrip(u'/')) remote_path = u'/' + os.path.join(remote_dir, filename.decode()).rstrip() log.Debug(u'dpbx.files_get_metadata(%s)' % remote_path) info = self.api_client.files_get_metadata(remote_path) log.Debug(u'dpbx.files_get_metadata(%s): %s' % (remote_path, info)) return {u'size': info.size}
[docs] def check_renamed_files(self, file_list): if not self.user_authenticated(): self.login() bad_list = [x for x in file_list if is not None] if len(bad_list) == 0: return log.Warn(u'-' * 72) log.Warn(u'Warning! It looks like there are automatically renamed files on backend') log.Warn(u'They were probably created when using older version of duplicity.') log.Warn(u'') log.Warn(u'Please check your backup consistency. Most likely you will need to choose') log.Warn(u'largest file from duplicity-* (number).gpg and remove brackets from its name.') log.Warn(u'') log.Warn(u'These files are not managed by duplicity at all and will not be') log.Warn(u'removed/rotated automatically.') log.Warn(u'') log.Warn(u'Affected files:') for x in bad_list: log.Warn(u'\t%s' % x) log.Warn(u'') log.Warn(u'In any case it\'s better to create full backup.') log.Warn(u'-' * 72)
duplicity.backend.register_backend(u"dpbx", DPBXBackend)