duplicity.backends.boxbackend module

class duplicity.backends.boxbackend.BoxBackend(parsed_url)[source]

Bases: Backend


Deletes file from the specified remote path

_get(remote_filename, local_path)[source]

Downloads file from the specified remote path


Lists files in the specified remote path

_put(source_path, remote_filename)[source]

Uploads file to the specified remote folder (tries to delete it first to make sure the new one can be uploaded)


Query metadata for a list of file


Delete file in box folder

download(remote_file, local_file)[source]

Download file in box folder


Lists files of a remote box path


Get the fild id by its file name

get_id_from_path(remote_path, parent_id='0')[source]

Get the folder or file id from its path


Create folder(s) in a path if necessary

upload(remote_file, local_file)[source]

Upload local file to the box folder